Cooks & Bakers Kitchen is the exclusive retailer in Sioux Falls for WÜSTHOF Knives. 

Unlike many knife makers, in over 200 years of history, WÜSTHOF has not succumbed to the temptation of manufacturing our forged knives outside of their hometown of Solingen, Germany. There is a simple reason for this: WÜSTHOF values the heritage and identity of a place known for centuries as “The City of Blades.” WÜSTHOF believe that quality knives can only be made where state-of-the-art manufacturing technology meets traditional craftsmanship.

What is considered a chef’s knife?

Typically ranging from 6 to 12 inches, chef’s knives are all-purpose kitchen companions that slice, dice, smash, and cut virtually any ingredient. They come in various shapes, weights, and sizes, depending on each cook’s unique needs, and their most notable trait is their versatility. Whether you’re mincing fresh herbs, julienning carrots, or cutting into a juicy roast chicken, your chef’s knife is the one you’ll reach for the most. 

Over two centuries and seven generations, WÜSTHOF has become synonymous with the European-style chef’s knife: blades crafted with a pointed tip and a slightly curved edge to encourage a smooth rocking motion during chopping. We also carry a range of Asian-style chef’s knives, including the Santoku and the Chinese Chef’s Knife. 

Is a chef’s knife multi-purpose?

A high-quality chef’s knife is one of the top three knives every kitchen needs for a reason. These knives are the epitome of multi-purpose and can adeptly slice and dice almost anything. Chef’s knives are ideal for everyday tasks like chopping herbs, cutting onions, filleting fish, carving steak, or even just slicing apples and cheese for an afternoon snack. 

What should you look for in a high-quality chef’s knife?

There is plenty of range when it comes to the world of chef’s knives, including materials, tang, weight, size, and shape. These variables are a matter of personal preference, which is why we like to think there is no perfect chef’s knife for everyone, just the perfect chef’s knife for you. 

When you’re purchasing a premium knife, the primary thing to consider is the craftsmanship. Is this knife made with quality, care, and precise technical skill to the point that it can withstand decades of consistent use? If you’re investing in a knife from WÜSTHOF, you can be certain that the answer is yes. Our knives merge over two hundred years of timeless artisanship with state-of-the-art technology to make the best knives in the world: exceptionally sharp, durable, and beautiful. Owning a high-quality knife makes preparing and plating delicious meals simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.